Apple Pay and bank cards make it easy to send money to Nigeria and Ghana

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How to easily send money to Nigeria and Ghana

How to easily send money to Nigeria and Ghana
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It’s been a recurring complaint since Sendcash launched in April that people find it cumbersome to buy and send crypto from an external app. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve created an easy and quick way for you to get this information. It is now possible to complete your Sendcash transaction within 5 minutes! With our integration with Wyre, you can buy and send USDC with your bank card or Apple Pay directly from the Sendcash page.

USDC offers faster transactions and lower network fees compared to Bitcoin. USDC, an unbacked stablecoin, is backed by the US dollar 1:1. 

Here’s how Wyre works with Sendcash:

  • To send money, go to and fill out the recipient’s details.
  • Click on the ‘Send with Wyre’ option.
  • Depending on your payment method (Debit card, Credit card, Apple Pay), select ‘Send with Wyre’ from Wyre’s menu.
  • Payment information should be filled out and completed.
  • You can send Naira or Cedis through Sendcash. Sendcash receives your wire transfer, processes it and sends it to your beneficiary.

Unlike traditional bank transactions, with Sendcash, either party doesn’t have to interact with crypto during the transaction. Because this integration greatly lowers the obstacles to using cryptocurrency, this is a crucial integration for us and our users. It is still possible to send from any cryptocurrency wallet or app using the ‘Send with Bitcoin’ option.

Would you like to know about our process?

In our previous post, we described Sendcash’s operation. We sell your Bitcoin on the BuyCoins exchange, deposit the equivalent Naira or Cedi into your recipient’s account within minutes, and you get the money back. Wyre purchases USDC on your behalf and sends it to the Sendcash wallet address with the new “Send with Wyre” option. The process takes only a few minutes, and no additional delays are experienced.


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