How Much Does Car Insurance Cost?

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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost? Car insurance is a necessary part of owning a car, and it can be complex and confusing. However, understanding what it covers and how to get the best deals on your insurance premiums can save you money—and, in the event of an accident, help you feel confident that you have enough coverage.

This guide will take you through all things related to auto insurance rates: free quotes, state requirements by state, getting low rates while still having enough coverage, ways that your credit score can affect your premiums (hint: not always in a good way), and more. So buckle up!


How to get free car insurance quotes.

Do you want to know how to get free car insurance quotes?

If so, you’re in the right place.

In this article we talk about how to compare car insurance quotes, what to look for when comparing car insurance quotes, and how to get the best car insurance prices possible.

How your car insurance rates are calculated.

So how much you pay for car insurance depends on several factors, including your driving record, the type of car you drive, the number of miles you drive and where you live. Also important is the amount of risk that insurers perceive to be associated with insuring people like you.

Car insurance is a complex business that requires insurers to use a wide range of information about your lifestyle and previous behavior in order to predict what might happen in the future. Insurers can gather this kind of information from a variety of sources — from credit reports based on how well or poorly someone has paid off past debts and loans to data collected directly by insurers themselves as part of their claim investigation process (for example, by requiring applicants for coverage to take a driving test).

If an insurer determines that there’s too much risk associated with insuring someone who lives near train tracks or drives through an area known for high theft rates, then they’ll raise premiums accordingly — even if all those things have nothing directly do with whether or not they’ll have an accident someday.

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Minimum auto insurance requirements by state.

To help you find the right car insurance policy, we’ve compiled a list of minimum auto insurance requirements by state. If you’re looking for ways to save on your premiums, check out these tips on how to lower your auto insurance rates without sacrificing coverage.

Why car insurance rates fluctuate.

Your age, gender and marital status are all factors that can impact the cost of your car insurance. Additionally, risk factors such as driving record and credit score also play a role in determining how much you will pay for coverage.

Another major factor influencing rates is the type of car you drive. For example, luxury cars tend to be more expensive than economy models since they’re more likely to get into accidents or be stolen. If your vehicle is equipped with safety features like anti-lock braking systems (ABS), stability control or airbags; they may help lower your premium as well.

The model year of your vehicle is another important consideration when comparing policies because it affects its value on the road – thus impacting how much it costs insurers to replace its parts in case of an accident (and subsequently how much they’ll charge customers). The same holds true if you have an older model: insurers will want to charge more than someone who drives a newer version because repairs would cost more than purchasing new parts off-the-shelf at their original price point – even though there might not be any difference between two cars’ performance capabilities!

Your credit score — how can it affect your car insurance rate?

Your credit score is a three-digit number that indicates your creditworthiness. It’s calculated by a credit reporting agency, such as Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Your score can affect your ability to borrow money and get approved for credit cards or loan terms.

Credit scores range from 300 to 850, with 850 being the highest possible score; you’ll likely have a higher score if you have no late payments on bills or loans within the last 12 months, keep balances low on all revolving accounts (credit cards) and make payments on time every month. A low credit score might mean that you have a history of late payments, high balances or other negative financial activity in your report.

How to lower your auto insurance premiums without sacrificing coverage.

There are several ways to lower your auto insurance premiums without sacrificing coverage. First, you can shop around for different car insurance quotes. Many companies are competing for your business and will offer lower rates if they think they have it on their competitors. If you haven’t shopped around in a while, it might be worth getting a few new quotes from different companies just to see what’s out there.

Second, if you own more than one vehicle or other types of coverage (homeowners or renters insurance) with the same company that provides your auto policy, they may provide a multi-policy discount. This is usually 10% but can go as high as 30%. The more policies you have with them, the larger the discount will be!

Finally, some insurers offer good driver discounts if you don’t have any violations or accidents for a period of time (usually three years). This means that if there’s no reason for them not to trust that someone doesn’t drive recklessly then there shouldn’t be anything stopping them from giving them a break on their premiums!

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Learning about car insurance can help you save money on premiums and protect you from risks on the road!

Learning about car insurance can help you save money on premiums and protect you from risks on the road! You can save money by comparing car insurance quotes, shopping around, comparing your coverage levels, and seeing what other companies are offering. When it comes to shopping around, getting multiple quotes is one of the best ways to find a bargain. The more quotes you get from different companies, the better chance that you’ll find one that’s offering a great deal!

While there are plenty of things to consider when choosing car insurance (like how much coverage do I need?), saving yourself some cash should be at least part of your decision making process. If possible try to find an insurer that offers discounts for good grades or other factors like driving experience or age (usually this applies only if someone is over 25 years old). With all these options available side-by-side – we’re confident there will be something here for everyone who needs it!

Best Car Insurance Companies In USA

State Farm Insurance

State Farm is the largest car insurance company in the US, with over 19,000 agents and $83 billion in revenue. State Farm has a reputation for offering affordable rates, so if you’re looking to save money on your car insurance premiums, this is a good place to start.

State Farm is also a mutual company—which means that it’s owned by its policyholders (as opposed to shareholders). This means that policyholders have more control over their own policies and can vote on important decisions about their coverage. If you’re interested in learning more about how mutual companies work or why they might be better for you than other types of companies, there are several resources available online:


GEICO is a direct-to-consumer auto insurance company in the United States. GEICO offers insurance through agents in 14 states and Washington, D.C., and directly to individuals in all other states.

GEICO has been publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol “GEICO” since November 2010, after being a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway since 1996. In addition to auto insurance and motorcycle insurance, GEICO provides home & apartment renters coverage, boat/RV/motorcycle/ATV coverage, manufactured housing/RV coverage and umbrella coverage (an additional layer of liability protection). In 2018, GEICOs revenues were $25 billion with an 11% operating margin.


Nationwide is a car insurance company that provides personal and commercial insurance, as well as roadside assistance to its customers. It is a mutual insurance company, which means that policyholders keep their ownership stake in the company by owning shares of common stock. Nationwide also ranks among Fortune’s top 500 companies in the U.S., with an annual revenue exceeding $32 billion in 2016 alone.

Nationwide is not only one of America’s largest property/casualty insurers—it also ranks among Fortune’s top 100 most admired companies for three consecutive years (2014-2016). Additionally, it was named one of Forbes’ best employers for women by Glassdoor users this year due to its flexible working hours and generous parental leave policies for new parents who work at home or remotely from offices across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.”

Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance is a car insurance company based in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. The company was founded in 1937 by Harry S. Lemon and is now one of the largest insurers in the United States with over 7 million policyholders and over $12 billion in gross written premiums as of 2017. Progressive also offers home insurance policies and motorcycle insurance policies through select independent agents throughout North America

Progressive offers customers many different types of auto coverage:

  • Comprehensive: This type has high deductibles but covers loss or damage caused by fire, theft, vandalism and other non-collision events. It does not cover collision costs unless you have purchased optional collision coverage on your policy as well (additional cost).
  • Collision: This type covers damage caused to your vehicle during an accident but does not cover theft or vandalism losses that occur away from an accident; it also doesn’t cover any damages beyond what your deductible allows you to recover (additional cost).


Allstate is one of the largest auto insurance companies in the United States. It has been around for over 70 years and has a good record of customer satisfaction. Allstate offers a wide range of insurance products, including car insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, renters’ insurance and life insurance. In addition to regular auto coverage packages (including liability only), Allstate also offers several discount programs aimed at customers who have lower risk factors such as good driving records or college students under 25 years old.

Farmers Insurance

Farmers Insurance Group of Companies is a major auto insurance company that also provides homeowners and life insurance, as well as other types of coverage. It was founded in 1928 as part of the Farmers Mutual Automobile Insurance Company in Los Angeles and today is still headquartered there. The company has more than 30,000 employees worldwide, with 7,000 employed specifically in California alone.

Farmers Insurance offers policies through its many subsidiaries like Family Heritage Life Insurance Company or Foremost Insurance Company among others. These subsidiaries each have their own offices throughout the United States and Canada where you can purchase your policies from a local agent if possible rather than dealing with their main offices directly (though either way will work as well).

If you plan on driving a sports car or motorcycle then it’s best to compare quotes from both Allstate vs Liberty Mutual vs State Farm vs GEICO vs Amica on your own before choosing which one might be best suited for your needs since each one may offer slightly different coverage options depending on what kind of vehicle they cover so make sure not only do they cover cars but also things like trucks/SUVs/vans etc..


USAA is a financial services company that caters to the military community and their families. It was founded in 1922 by 25 Army officers who had served in World War I. Today, USAA is one of the largest insurance companies in the country with more than 10 million customers.

USAA is a mutual company that doesn’t have shareholders but instead has members who own shares through voting rights at an annual meeting. This structure keeps ownership aligned with customers’ interests, allowing USAA to make decisions on behalf of its membership without worrying about maximizing profits or pleasing shareholders.

USAA belongs to both the Fortune 500 (at No. 272) and the S&P 500 (at No. 327). The company’s headquarters are located in San Antonio, Texas; however, it also has offices throughout North America including California and New York City.

Best Car Insurance Companies In United Kingdom


Aviva is a British multinational insurance company. Aviva is a member of the FTSE 100 Index, a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index, a former constituent of the FTSE 100 Index, and a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index. The Aviva Group operates in about 130 countries worldwide under its own name as well as through subsidiaries such as Churchill Insurance. It is one of Britain’s largest providers of general insurance and health cover for individuals and families.


  • AXA is a French insurance company.
  • AXA is the largest insurance company in the world, and it’s also one of the largest financial services groups worldwide. It’s a member of the Fortune Global 500, along with being a member of the Euro Stoxx 50 and CAC 40 indices.
  • AXA is also headquartered in France, so if you’re looking for car insurance from this company you might want to consider whether they are based near where your home address is located or not.


  • Ageas is a Belgian insurance company, formed in 2014 as a result of a merger between Fortis and Ageas. The company is listed at Euronext Brussels, and is part of the BEL20 index.
  • It offers home insurance, car insurance, travel insurance (including long term care) and life assurance products through its retail arm to both individuals and businesses.

Direct Line Group

Direct Line Group is a British insurance company and a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Scotland Group. The company was founded in 1985 and is now one of the largest insurance companies in the UK.

Direct Line Group has over 4 million customers, over 6,000 employees and offices in 22 countries across Europe.

RSA Group

  • RSA Group is a British multinational general insurance company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is the world’s largest insurance broker and one of the largest insurance groups in the world by revenue.
  • RSA was formed by Robert Stanley and his wife Sandra Stanley in 1984 to provide personalised car insurance policies but has since become an international force with operations across Europe, Asia and Australia as well as its original base.

Allianz Insurance

Allianz Insurance is a German-based multinational insurance company. The company is the largest insurer in Germany, and has operations in over 70 countries. Allianz was founded in 1890 by C.A.M. Schillings, who had previously worked for Deutsche Bank as an accountant and auditor.

NFU Mutual / Country Mutual

NFU Mutual is a mutual insurance company that provides car insurance in the UK.

NFU Mutual is a member of the NFU Mutual Group, which also includes the brands Countrywide and Rural Insurance. NFU Mutual has over 5 million customers and employs over 1,000 people across its offices in Birmingham and Bristol. The company was ranked as one of “Britain’s 100 best companies to work for” by The Sunday Times in both 2016 and 2017.

NUF Mutual is based in Birmingham and has been operating since 1925 when it was known as West Midlands Farmers’ Insurance Company Limited (WMFIC). In 2000, WMFIC merged with National Union Fire Insurance Society Limited (NUFISL) to become National Union Fire & General Insurance Society Limited (NUFFISL). This company later changed its name to Nuffield Financial Services Limited before finally settling on the current name of NUF Mutual Limited in 2011.

Admiral Group

Admiral Group is a British insurance company based in Cardiff, Wales. It was founded by two former Royal Navy officers in the 1950s and has since grown to become one of the largest car insurers in the United Kingdom.

The company offers insurance for both personal and business customers via its Admiral Insurance brand, as well as through its Simply Business arm that sells services to small businesses. It also owns RAC Motoring Services Ltd., which provides breakdown cover to motorists across the UK.

In their 2016 financial year (1 April 2015 – 31 March 2016), Admiral made £3.8 billion in gross written premiums with an overall profit of £581 million—a significant increase from previous years when they made £2 billion less than their total profits during this period ($567 million vs $716 million).

LV= / Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society

LV= / Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society

LV= was founded in 1810, and is a mutual insurance company that is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group. LV= is also the UK’s largest mutual insurer. It has over 6 million policyholders and an annual turnover of £3 billion. The company has its headquarters in Liverpool, but also maintains regional offices across the nation.

Sabre Insurance Company Limited

Sabre Insurance Company Limited is a UK insurance company that provides comprehensive motor and home insurance. It was founded in 1985, with its headquarters in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, England. Sabre Insurance Group owns 80% of Sabre Insurance Company Limited.

Sabre Insurance Company Limited is a member of the Association of British Insurers (ABI). The ABI represents over 90% of the UK’s insurance industry and all its members are licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Best Car Insurance Companies In Canada

The Co-operators

The Co-operators is a Canadian insurance company that was founded in 1920. It began as a co-operative, and has grown to become one of Canada’s largest insurance companies. The company provides auto, home and business insurance for customers across the country.

The company offers its customers many products, including:

  • Motor vehicle policies: These cover your car or motorcycle in case of damage caused by accidents or theft. They can also include additional features like roadside assistance services;
  • Homeowners’ policies: If you own your house or condo yourself (rather than paying rent), this will provide coverage against everything from fires to break-ins;
  • Renter’s policies: If you’re renting someone else’s place (like an apartment), these will also provide coverage if anything happens there—but renters’ insurance usually doesn’t cover things like contents inside your unit; and

TD Insurance

TD Insurance is a subsidiary of the Toronto-Dominion Bank, Canada’s second largest bank by assets. The company was founded in 1955 as a travel and auto insurance provider, but has since expanded its offerings to include home insurance and business/life/travel coverage.

TD Insurance is headquartered in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

Aviva Canada

Aviva Canada is one of the largest insurance companies in Canada. It is a subsidiary of the Aviva plc, which is a British multinational insurance company.

Aviva Canada was founded in 1892 and has been serving Canadians since then. The company was incorporated in Ontario and became publicly listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) in February 2014. Now it has over 9 million customers, making it the largest provider of home and auto insurance in Canada. Aviva also offers pet, business and travel insurance policies to cover various needs that you may have.

Intact Financial Corporation

Intact Financial Corporation is a Canadian insurance company that provides insurance products and services to individuals and businesses. The Company offers personal lines of property and casualty (P&C) insurance, including home, auto, recreational vehicle and travel; commercial P&C; life, health and mortgage protection products; as well as reinsurance services to other insurers through its subsidiary Intact Insurance Underwriters Inc. Its segments include Personal Lines Insurance for individual consumers in Canada; Commercial Insurance for various commercial enterprises in Canada;

Group Benefits comprising group benefits products for employers in the province of Ontario only; Wealth Management comprised of individual wealth management solutions offered by its subsidiary TD Insurance Services Inc.; Specialty Property & Casualty Business segment includes specialty property and casualty lines offering specialty underwriting capabilities at both an international level across North America through its affiliates outside North America as part of its International Specialty business while also serving Canadian clients on their home turf including entertainment liability coverage (E&O), marine liability coverage (ML)

Economical Insurance

The Economical Insurance Group is a Canadian insurance company that specializes in car, home and business insurance. They have been providing Canadians with coverage for over 90 years, which is quite impressive! The Economical Insurance Group offers several different types of plans depending on what kind of coverage you need. They also have a good reputation among many other Canadian insurance companies and they offer excellent customer service to their clients.

The Personal Insurance Company

The Personal Insurance Company is an insurance broker located in Toronto, Ontario. The company has been around for over 50 years and offers a range of insurance products including home, auto and commercial insurance.

The Personal Insurance Company is a member of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAA). This is an organization that sets professional standards for its membership as well as promotes excellence among brokers across Canada.


Now that you understand the factors that determine your car insurance rates, it’s time to get quotes. You can start by getting free car insurance quotes online at Esurance or contacting an agent near you.

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