A visual guide on how to shop on Amazon and have the order delivered to Nigeria.

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How to shop on Amazon and have the order delivered to Nigeria.

how to shop on Amazon and have the order delivered to Nigeria.
Image Credit: Teju Adeyini

Anyone who has bought something from Amazon or ASOS knows that the experience can be frustrating. In the event that your card doesn’t decline, you’ll run up against the $100 limit. Once you’ve sorted out payments without incident, you’ll have to confront your worst nightmare – costly delivery problems.

Shoppers have had to devise some very inconvenient and expensive workarounds during their online shopping experience. You might send a product link to your “Amazon plug” or perhaps your friend shops for you and ships to you whenever they’re free. You still end up with a lot more stress than is necessary no matter what option you choose.

This article details a step-by-step guide on how to shop on Amazon above your dollar allowance without having to worry.

Your items will be delivered to your doorsteps within three weeks without the need for a dollar card. You can pay for orders using Amazon’s four main methods; Debit/Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers, and Amazon.com Store Cards.

It is currently the most advantageous option for paying via a gift card if you are in Nigeria, due to the fact that you do not have a limit to how much you can spend and where it can be used.

 With Getcards, you can easily buy Amazon gifts cards in Nigeria. No registration is needed, there is no additional charge, and bank transfers are accepted.

How to pay for and ship your Amazon order

  1. Go to www.getcards.africa and enter the total dollar amount of your order.
  2. Find the Amazon gift card that corresponds to your website and select it. Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk are two of the most common sites used in Nigeria.
  1. You will need to fill out your contact information and select your order amount. Choose the “This is a gift” box and add a personalized message if you’re purchasing it as a gift.


  1. Once you have transferred the amount you want to buy, you must click “I have made this transfer”. It’ll take you minutes to get your gift card.
  2. The shipping information should be added to Amazon. Using a warehouse delivery service such as Heroshe and DHL Africa eShop can help increase the efficiency of shipping goods to Nigeria from online stores. Once they receive your order in Nigeria, they will send the products to the shipping address you provide in the US. Heroshe promises delivery within 14–21 business days, while DHL Africa eShop promises delivery within 5–14 business days, according to their websites.
  1. Complete your checkout in Amazon with the gift code you received from Getcards.
  2. Viola! The order has been placed and you can now wait for delivery.


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