Top 7 Best $50 Loan Instant App

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Are you looking for the top $50 loan instant app? You are at the right place as we are going to provide you with a list of these loan app, you can use and request for small loan if you are cash-trapped. We shall talk about the minimum amount you can borrow, application process, approval time etc.

Without much waste of time, let’s get started…..

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Chime is a financial technology business that believes that fundamental banking services should be simple, convenient, and free. We aim to benefit alongside, not from, our members. That’s why we don’t use overdraft fees, monthly service costs, service fees, minimum balance requirements, and other expenses in our strategy.

To build member-first financial products, we collaborate with regional banks. This creates a more competitive market for regular Americans who aren’t well served by traditional banks, with better, lower-cost options. Across the industry, we help to encourage innovation, inclusivity, and access.

  1. Loan applicants can withdraw $20 to $100 depending on their account activity.
  2. There’s no set-up fee although you can pay a tip if you like.
  3. You must make a direct deposit of more than $500 per month to qualify for this loan.
  4. The balance is repayable usually within 7 days with $1 tip.
  5. The APR may be up to 105%.


PaydaySay is a wonderful app to apply for a payday loan quickly. We’ll do our best to match you with a suitable lender based on your basic information. We work with a variety of direct lending institutions to ensure that every consumer has the opportunity to obtain a payday loan.

To begin the application process, specify the amount you require and we will do our best to locate a reputable lender for you. Press the “Get Started” button, fill in the relevant information, and wait for your loan application to be approved. Then contact a reputable pay day loan and wait for the funds to arrive.

  1. Loan applicants can borrow up to $5,000 immediately.
  2. The individual will get the approval within minutes after which you will be connected to the creditors directly.
  3. Generally, an APR of 5.99% to 35.99%is applied.
  4. There’s no paper-based application required for acquiring this loan.
  5. It works with encrypted private information to keep your data completely safe and secured.


Meet the banking app on a mission to expand financial opportunities for the benefit of all Americans. Get paid up to two days early*, establish credit, and receive up to $200 in cash advances without paying a fee. There are currently ten million members on the site.

  1. Loan applicants can get $5 to $200 as a loan with Dave account or up to  about $100 without one.
  2. There is a $1 subscription fee which is optional.
  3. You can pay up to $5.99 for instant delivery of loan.
  4. There is an optional tip of 20% of the amount being borrowed.
  5. The Side Hustle feature helps you find additional gigs to earn some cash.


MoneyLion is an award-winning one-stop financial destination that serves more than 8.7 million hardworking Americans with finance, mobile banking, cash advances, investment, and much more.  We are a financial technology firm, not a bank, and we think that when we collaborate, no one is left behind.

  1. Loan applicants can get approval for $25 to $250 through the Moneylion app.
  2. The app charges a fee for instant delivery of the cash which is $3.99 for accountholders and $4.99 for those that don’t have account.
  3. APR rates can be 300% or more.
  4. You may pay $1 as a tip and repay the loan in 7 days time.
  5. Additional fee is charged if your payment is more than 5 days late.


We’re advocates for anyone who has ever struggled to make ends meet. We’re reimagining the way money works with the help of our members. Our goal isn’t only to fight for justice—and we can’t achieve it alone. Diverse and inclusive attitudes are important to our team when developing answers to severe societal problems that benefit everyone.

  1. Loan applicants can borrow as much as $100 to $500 depending on their working hours.
  2. There’s voluntary tips of up to $14 or you can set up recurring tip of at least $1.50.
  3. You can get the money immediately by signing-up with Earnin’s Lightning Speed feature.
  4. The APR depends on how much you borrowed. It can be up to 105%.
  5. They don’t charge any additional fee for late payments.


Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds, but we are all united in our pursuit of financial security and independence for our members. Our experts have worked at Amazon, Deutsche Bank, Palantir, Two Sigma, and other companies, so they not only have the tools to solve financial instability, but they’ve also seen it firsthand. We’ve seen inequality’s injustice at major banks. We’ve learned to create from the best at top IT businesses. We’re now using both to make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.

  1. Loan applicants can get $50 to $250 loan by signing up to Paid Plan.
  2. The paid plan has an additional cost of $9.99 per month.
  3. The delivery is almost immediately i.e  same day for people who apply earlier.
  4. APR for a basic $100-7 day loan is as high 500%.
  5. The paid plan comes with additional features like automatic deposits and credit monitoring.

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$50 Loan Instant App Alternatives

If you are not satisfied with the services of the $50 loan instant app provided above, you can try these alternatives..


With cash advances up to $250, Empower gives you early access to your income. You will not be charged any interest or late fees. You may get up to 10% cash back on debit transactions at locations like restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, and more if you sign up for an Empower Card. You receive free unrestricted access to over 37,000 ATMs around the country with the Empower Card.

Overall, this is an excellent tool for getting immediate cash advances up to $200 with no overdraft fees, hidden interest, or credit checks. Empower will deduct the amount that was advanced to you from your next paycheck in order to balance your account.


We recommend PayActiv if you’re searching for an app that can do more than just lend rapid cashouts. PayActiv not only gives you early access to your paychecks, but it also offers financial coaching. You can even pay bills and get prescription savings via the app.

To make yourself eligible for advance cashouts, your company must also sign up for PayActiv services. PayActiv allows you to withdraw up to $500 from your company before your next payment.

There are no overdraft fees or any surprises. If you use their debit card, you can use the service for free if you deposit directly to the card; otherwise, you’ll have to pay a $1 per day cost if you use it. PayActiv is a wonderful software for instant money.

What app gives you cash instantly?

Earnin, Dave, and Brigit are cash advance apps that allow you to borrow a modest amount from your next salary before you receive it. If you need money quickly, this quick fix may be useful, but be sure you don’t have any cheaper options before borrowing through an app.

Can I borrow money from Venmo?

Venmo was chosen for integration with Ledge because it is the most popular peer-to-peer transaction app in the United States. When using this app to borrow money, there is no need to run a credit check. Despite the fact that it scrupulously follows state legislation… This app allows you to apply for a maximum of 24 loans in a 12-month period.

What is the boro app?

Boro is a smartphone application that focuses on providing personal loans and auto financing to college students. Boro gets cash into the hands of students who would not otherwise qualify for a loan by using a proprietary underwriting system that bypasses the usual credit check.

What states have boro cash?

Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin are among the states where Boro cash is available.

How secure is Earnin app?

Earnin, like many other money management or budgeting apps, requires access to your bank account and personal information. Earnin, on the other hand, uses technologies like 256-bit encryption to preserve your privacy and secure your data, which is the same level of protection as most online banks.


This is where we come to an end in this article; $50 loan instant app. If you need a good app with instant cash, feel free to use the ones we have suggested in this article, they are the best at the moment.

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