With Google Pay, you can pay on your computer as well as your smartphone – See How

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With Google Pay, you can pay on your computer as well as your smartphone
With Google Pay, you can pay on your computer as well as your smartphone

Paying with Google can be done in two different ways. Either way, you can use the free Google Pay payment platform. First, items are purchased through this method. On the other hand, this feature sends and receives money to and from other users.

Since a long time ago, Google Pay has existed as a platform made exclusively for Android users. It is your chance to use or discover it if you have not yet. To learn how to use Google for payment, read the article.


How To Use Google Pay

Using Google Pay on Android phones, you can pay for items purchased online or in-app.

Android devices are the only means of accessing and operating it. Additionally, it can only be used in situations that support Google Pay. Before the launch of Google Pay, Android Pay and Google Pay With Google were referred to as Android Pay.

Another payment app, Google Play, is available for iPhone devices for sending and receiving payments. The app is free and can be used on computers, phones, or tablets using either iPhone or Android. A previous name for this service was Google Wallet.

Google Pay

Google Pay enables users to store physical cards on their phones in one place by using a digital wallet.

The device can store various cards, including debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, coupons, and gift cards. To use the app, you need to enter your card details.

Using your phone as a payment platform lets you buy items from stores online and pay automatically.

You won’t even need to open a shopping account or make transfers from your bank. Payments will be made wirelessly using your Google Pay card.

You can use this payment method anywhere you see the Google Pay icon. Many places accept this payment method, including Best Buy, McDonald’s, Walgreen’s, and Whole Foods.

In addition, by heading to a platform’s payment section, you can see if Google Pay is utilized.


You can pay with Google on a computer by following these steps.

With the Google Pay platform on a computer, the process is completely different from the Google Pay app. The user must click on Send and request money at the bottom of the page to send or receive money via Gmail.

You will need to sign in to your Gmail account on the Google Account platform to get started. After clicking on the option from the bottom, you will now send and receive money.

How to use Google Mobile Apps for payment

If you are confused, this is the same as using the Google Pay app. Firstly, you need to download the Google Pay application on your iOS or Android device.

In the Google Pay app, enter the recipient’s phone number or email address after you’ve signed in with Google Pay.

Remember that your credit card should have been linked to Google Play. Once you have done that, sending money can begin.

You can link your card to Google Pay with the following steps:

The following steps will guide you through linking your credit card:

  • Click on https://pay.google.com to access Google Play.
  • You will need to sign in to your Gmail account. Alternatively, sign up for one.
  • Click Add debit card in the bottom right corner.
  • Click on Save after you have entered your card details.
  • Your address is required.
  • When linked correctly, you’ll be able to use Google Pay.

Using this feature, you can send money directly by entering the sum, the recipient’s name/email/phone number, as well as a message.



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